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Brooklyn, NY

(North America)
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Timo Haapanen



1/24 - Northern Winter Beat, Aalborg Denmark
2/22 - Muissa Maailmoissa- festivaali, Helsinki, Finland
4/24 - Lolipop, Los Angeles, U.S
4/25 - Echoplex - Los Angeles, U.S *
4/26 - Desert Daze Festival - Mecca, U.S
4/27 - Ace Hotel - Palm Springs, U.S #
4/28 - The Casbah - San Diego, U.S^
4/29 - Eagle Rock Center For The Arts - Los Angeles, U.S ^
4/30 - Tba, Orange County, U.S.
7/24-27. Metsäfestival, Mäntyharju, Finland

* Desert Daze pre-party w/ Beach Party, Kikagaku Moyo, Cherry Glazerr
# Desert Daze x LA Canvas Pool Party
^ w/ DIIV

All Scandinavian

Review on All Scandinavian:

Not knowing better it would be easy to place quartet Kiki Pau in Great Britain. They are, however, Finnish - and probably good at it. As they are good at creating guitar based indierock with impeccable pop qualities and a minor feeling.

Following a trilogy of self-released EP’s they recently released this full length debut, and apart from the album title (just one “Yeah!” away from being all bad) and the lame boogie blues intro to album opener ‘Pit Bull’ (my immediate reaction: “You’ve got to be kidding!?”) it is grand.

Sounding like Dirty Pretty Things’ prettier cousins they build on the heritage of legendary The Smiths throwing in bits of contemporary British acts like the scrawny guitars of Franz Ferdinand and the melodic aptitude of Razorlight. “Build” is the keyword, because although the references are clear the Fins have put their very own spin on the whole thing, thus becoming more than mere copycats.

With ‘Let’s Rock’ and its string of good poprock songs coated in a suitably scruffy production Kiki Pau have made an album you’ll find yourself return to whether you’re in dancing mode or the exact opposite.

Here's the link:
Kiki Pau - Let's Rock